School Team

Name Title Department Email
Amy Alsina Music Specials
Charise Barela Discovery Link Manager Discovery Link
Kathryn Cook Primary Literacy Para-Educator Paraprofessional
Erin Daly Health Tech Health Office
Debbie Domanick First Grade Teacher First Grade
Mathew Easterwood MLL Teacher and Senior Team Lead MLL
Olga Garay Kitchen Manager Food Services
Blanca Hernandez Facilities Manager Facilities
Lauren Lucci Fifth Grade Literacy Fifth Grade
Demond Perris Custodian Facilities
Jamie Rachek Fourth Grade Literacy Teacher, Fourth Grade
Luis Rios First Grade Teacher, First Grade
Kellie Salreno Primary Literacy Para-Educator Paraprofessional
Christine Stewart Food Services
Jackie Vonfeldt Kindergarten Para-Educator Paraprofessional
Madeline Zastrow First Grade Para-Educator Paraprofessional
Leticia Jara-Leake Principal School Leader and Office Staff
Rocio Aguayo School Secretary School Leader and Office Staff
Sammy Daniel Special Education Teacher, Learning Specialist
Paige Dersham Fifth Grade and Senior Team Lead Teacher, Fifth Grade
Sylvia Doud Art Teacher, Specials
Karen Dworak Math Interventionist Learning Specialist
Renee Erickson Second Grade Para-Educator Paraprofessional
Suzan Ervin Fifth Grade Math Teacher, Fifth Grade
Mackie Fritzmeier Teacher Librarian Teacher, Specials
Mark Gabriel Physical Education Teacher, Specials
April Gould Third Grade Teacher, Third Grade
Nichole Hansen Kindergarten Teacher, Kindergarten
Blanca Hernandez Facilities Manager Facilities
Kim Jonker ECE Para-Educator Paraprofessional
Molly Kirschling ECE Teacher, ECE
Kelly Leonard Kindergarten Teacher, Kindergarten
Kerry McRae Third Grade Teacher, Third Grade
Andrew Menard Fourth Grade Teacher, Fourth Grade
Melanie Mitchell Second Grade Teacher, Second Grade
Rachel Novak Fifth Grade Para-Educator Paraprofessional
Esther Seto Second Grade Teacher, Second Grade
Emily Ward School Psychologist Learning Specialist
Kat Zimmerman Gifted and Talented Teacher, Learning Specialist