Gregory Parker

P.E. Teacher


Specials Teachers

Physical activity has been a huge part of my life.  As a child, I would walk home from school, drop my backpack inside the door, and then run out to play sports, playground games, or ride bikes with my neighbors.  I only came back inside when my mom called out “dinner time” or “it’s after dark, time to come in.”  

As I grew older, I found myself naturally wanting to help or teach others wherever I went.  Therefore, it only made sense for me to become a Physical Education teacher.  I attended college at the University of Wisconsin-La Crosse and graduated with a double major in Physical Education and Spanish.  With the same excitement of a young child, I couldn’t wait to finish school and move to Colorado so I could play in the mountains and teach Physical Education.  

After 12 years of teaching at the Denver Green School Southeast, I am now excited to be part of the Steck community!  Here I plan to create a robust physical education program which will help students find joy through movement. When kids enjoy physical activity, they too will race home from school excited to play.

Outside of work, I value sharing experiences with my wife and baby boy.  We stay active by rock climbing, playing ultimate frisbee, and river surfing. I also enjoy playing board games, remodeling our home (sometimes), and watching TV in moderation.