2017-2018 Early Release Days

UnknownNext year, we are planning four early release days throughout the school year to allow for cross-network collaboration with Slavens Elementary School.  Many schools in Denver Public Schools release early to participate in this type of professional learning. These days, during the course of next school year, will allow for teachers at all grades levels to collaborate on writing and math instruction, assessments, and data analysis.  We are working with Slavens because both schools platoon at most grade levels and have similar student populations, and both schools use I-Ready assessment as a measure of growth.  These days are: Sept. 15th, December 21st, February 16th, and April 27th. Students at Steck Elementary will be released at noon, after lunch has been served.  The bus will run after lunch, and those who participate in Discovery Link will be able to stay for the remainder of the afternoon and leave at their normal pick-up time.

Important Dates

125348792Upcoming Events:

Wednesday, May 24: Field Day

Monday, May 29: Memorial Day (No School)

Wed., May 31: ECE Continuation at 2pm

Thurs., June 1: 5th grade Continuation at 1pm

Friday, June 2: Last day of School (1/2 day)



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21st Century Classrooms

“If we teach today’s students as we taught yesterday’s,

we rob them of tomorrow.”

John Dewey, 1915