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Welcome to the 2018-19 School Year!


2018-19 Back to School Reminders

Letter from the Principal about Class Lists


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Student Drop Off & Pick Up

Steck, Denver Public Schools, Denver Police and the City and County of Denver have collaborated to create a new traffic plan and each entity recognizes the minimal effort needed by the community to create a significantly safer environment for our pedestrians around school property. We are grateful to you, our safety conscious parents, for helping us recognize these important safety concerns and for your participation in making our school community a safer place for all! Please come and find out more at an informational meeting on Thursday, August 16, 2018 led by Principal Kline at 4:15 pm in the auditorium during the BBQ.
We need plenty of volunteer help to get this plan underway! Please here to sign up.


Late Start Days 2018-19 School Year

Sept 5, Oct 3, Nov 7, Dec 5, Jan 9, Feb 6, March 6, April 3, May 1

Students at Steck Elementary School will have 9 two hour late start days for the 2018-2019 school year. These late starts will be used for important Professional Learning time for teachers & staff. School will begin two hours later each of the late start days at 10:10 am. This will be a great time for parents to try to schedule dental/medical appointments throughout the year which won’t conflict with school hours! More information will be available soon!

2018-19 School Supplies

​​All students need headphones purchased by the family for technology.

ECE: $55 (field trips, activities, school supplies)

Kinder: $100 (field trips, activities, school supplies, iReady, T-shirts)

1st-3rd Grades: $90 (field trips, activities, school supplies, iReady)

4th Grade: $50 (field trips, activities, iReady) PLUS 4th School Supply List

5th Grade: $50 (field trips, activities, iReady) PLUS 5th School Supply List


Important Dates

Mon., Aug 20: First Day of School (Aug 21 ECE’s first day)

                   ECE Orientation @ Steck 9am

Tues., Aug 21: Kindergarten Early Dismissal (11:30am)

Wed., Aug 22: Kindergarten Early Dismissal (11:30am)

Mon., Sept 3: Labor Day (School Closed)

Wed., Sept 5: Late Start Day

Thurs., Sept 6: Back to School Night 5-7pm

Steck App

Get SchoolWay, our school's official mobile appWe are using the SchoolWay App to keep you involved in what is going on at our school. SchoolWay is available FREE for Apple or Android devices in the app stores. Search for SchoolWay and download, then follow our school. More information may be found at www.myschoolway.com/DPS.

SchoolWay/Steck App Signup Flyer


Steck’s online Literacy and Math curriculum and assessment tool for personalized instruction.

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Social Emotional Learning Curriculum:

Empowering Education

“…strives to help students seek healthy, positive relationships with their friends, family, and their community, ultimately resulting in positive contributions to society as a whole.”

Learn more: https://empoweringeducation.org/

MELD – Math, English Language Development Block

PURPOSE OF Math, English Language Development Block – (MELD)

Small group instruction time where classroom teachers and/or interventionist(s) work primarily with those who are challenged with common specific skills (to make more impact) while the other students work at their level (at grade level or advanced) with the supervision of other adults.  This gives the teacher a 30-40 minute “sacred” time frame to deep dive into the needs of students who are challenged by grade level curriculum with resources for extra help so  these students are not pulled during whole group instruction (but during the MELD block instead).  TEACHERS WORK WITH THE MOST CHALLENGED – that is the goal in mind, using all data tools created to help inform that their NEEDS are met, not level, but skills in need.  These groups will be fluid and dynamic.