Science Fair


All of our scientists did an amazing job with great questions to explore & investigate! Hope to see you all again next year…

Primary Winner: Keiran Curtis-1st Grade

Intermediate Winners: Aiden Lin- 4th Grade and Maia Kauffman-3rd Grade (Tie)


  1st Place 2nd Place 3rd Place
1st Grade Gibson Zimmerman J.J. Staver Wyatt Blatz
2nd Grade Forest Eklund Eliot Svard & Lochlan Maguire  
3rd Grade Josie Weintein

Katie Stromberg


Riley Clow & Adrianna Moledo Sharon Robinson
4th Grade Brinlee Curtis    
5th Grade Hailey Pulis Joslyn Harvey & Sophie Hanson  


Stay Curious and keep asking questions!


Friday, December 15 

Steck Auditorium — 8:30-12:00

Important Documents:

1) Science Fair sign up sheet

2) Science Fair Project Contract

3) 2017 Updated Rubric for Engineering

4) Science Fair Rules

Additional Information:

What do I need to know to participate?: Use the following links to understand the rules and regulations.

Science Fair Information Packet

Science Fair Research Plan Example

Science Fair Project Guide

Science Fair Sticky Note Activity