Please sign up to help in the mornings from 7:50-8:10 or the afternoons from 2:50-3:10.  You can sign up for as many spots as you would like.  We need 3 volunteers in the morning and 3 in the afternoon:

Parents of 5th graders-Sign up HERE for October

Parents of 4th graders-Sign up HERE for November

Parents of 3rd graders-Sign up HERE for December

Parents of 2nd graders-Sign up HERE for January

Parents of 1st graders-Sign up HERE for February

Parents of Kindergarteners-Sign up HERE for March

Steck will be implementing an action plan for school year 2018-19 with components such as, but not limited to, the following:

  1. Steck will establish, communicate, implement and enforce a strict clockwise, right-side of vehicle drop-off/pick-up pattern with parent support.
  2. The plan will reinforce that the northbound Albion frontage area, between 4th and 5th is specifically for “Kiss and Go” drop-off and pick-up only and is intended to keep traffic flowing. Pauses in K&G should always be less than two minutesThere will be no parking permitted on northbound Albion frontage area, between 4th and 5th from 7:45am – 8:15am and 2:45pm – 3:15pm to allow traffic to flow and ensure safe student drop-off.
  3. Parents needing to park for over four minutes, will drop-off/pick-up in approved, signed areas on East 4th and 5thAvenues and neighborhood side streets.  Parents will encourage street crossing at intersections only andalways have children enter/exit on sidewalk sides.

Parking to enter the school grounds employee parking will not be allowed on the east side of Albion from 7:45am-8:15am and 2:45pm – 3:15pm.  This includes drop-off for Discovery Link and school breakfast.

  1. Reminder of prohibited traffic actions.  There should be no:
  2. Parking or blocking, even in idle, of any resident’s driveway or city alley.
  3. U-turns, 3-point turns and utilizing private driveways to turn around on all streets within the perimeter of school property
  4. Across-the-street drop-offs/pick-ups that cause children to cross the street.
  5. Opposite direction crossing (driving to the reverse side traffic) for drop-off and pick-up.
We need plenty of volunteer help to get this plan underway! Please here to sign up.