Tour Steck

Join us for a tour of Steck Elementary (K-5 tours start at 9am; ECE tours start at 11:15am). Our tours are geared toward providing school related information, not specific choice information. We look forward to meeting you. Please note that all tours are adult-only.

General Tours:  10/4/18, 11/9/18 (10am), 12/6/18, 1/10/19, 1/24/19, 2/7/19, 2/14/19
 K-5 tours start at 9am:
ECE Specific Tours:  1/18/19, 2/8/19
 ECE tours start at 11:15am:


**If you have questions that are specific to the choice process, please click here to view the DPS Choice and Enrollment website and/or call the Choice office at 720.423.3493.**