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Mission and Vision

When crafting a vision statement for Steck Elementary, the School Leadership team came together to discuss possibilities. Generally speaking, a vision statement expresses a hoped-for future reality, while a mission statement declares the practical commitments and actions that a school believes are needed to achieve its vision. While a vision statement describes the end goal—the change sought by a school—a mission statement may describe its broad academic and operational assurances, as well as its commitment to its students and community.
One of the most important responsibilities of any leader is establishing a vision and inviting others to share in its development.  We asked ourselves, do I understand what this organization values, believes in, and hopes to be?
The SLT, with the help of staff members, wrote the vision statement for Steck that you see below.  We are grateful to them for their excellent participation and investment in this process.  We also want to thank consultant, Lynn Pollard for setting us on the right path this school year.

Steck Mission
As a community, we work to ensure every student achieves academic, social and emotional growth.

Steck Vision

Steck Stars are known, safe, inspired, challenged, and empowered.