21st Century Classrooms

21st Century Classroom Long Term Plan


“If we teach today’s students as we taught yesterday’s,

we rob them of tomorrow.”

John Dewey, 1915




“To be a teacher is to be a creator. All teachers have the capacity to create learning environments that transform the educational experience. The act of imagining and designing effective learning environments is both reflective and intentional.” – Meegan Bennett


As teachers we want to transform the learning and teaching that takes place in the classroom. This involves much more than just new furniture. The vision at Steck is to incorporate new 21st century equipment in combination with a new approach to teaching. Implementing and planning lessons elicits a new way of thinking as the 21st century classroom functions quite differently. Students take pride in their classroom and ownership of their learning as the classroom space is as much theirs as the teachers. The 21st century promotes a decrease in the footprint the teacher has in the classroom allowing for a less cluttered, more organized and engaging space to work in. Teachers who have gone through the process will mentor teachers in designing and creating a new vision for teaching and learning as classrooms as added in the next several years.